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Build Your Own Frame – 8 Figure Star Wars – Standard Depth


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Build Your Own frames – Use your own Minifigures to create an amazing display
Bespoke frame built by in-house Picture Framers     Original Lego™ baseboards fitted     Quick and easy to swap out of Minifigures 
LED lighting for maximum visual detail     Art glass option for near invisible glazing     Gallery quality finish
Frame Specification
Frame Size – Up to 8 Minifigures, can also be used for 7 or 6 Minifigures
Frame Depth – ‘Standard’ Internal front to back depth of 27mm, suitable for regular size Minifigures
Frame Material – Made from a solid wood  ‘Ayous’ frame moulding with a very light grain finish
Frame External Dimensions – 460x240mmx40mm
Colour Scheme – No other colour scheme works as well as this for all your Star Wars needs, has a dark grey background with dark grey and red accent brick colours. Accent brick colours can be changed upon request.
LED Lights – optional with dual power battery and mains supply (mains sold separately)
Glass – Plain or ART glass 
Build Your Own frames are designed to be easy to populate with your own Minifigures, taking just a minute to open up the frame and be ready to place your Minifigures safely inside. A single row of Lego™ baseplates, 2 studs deep are set within the mounting area, these allow perfect placement and alignment of Minifigures and prevent the need to use any adhesives. There are four options available, please use the drop down menu to select glass type and LED lighting as required. 
A simple guide to our frame options 
Hand Built Bespoke Design
All our frames are completely hand built in-house by experienced picture framers with years of experience making picture frames for Lego™ Minifigures. Our design is unique and has been created to show Minifigures at their very best. We are very confident that nothing compares to our quality, we offer the option of excellent low reflectance ART glass and use LED’s from one of the UK’s leading high quality suppliers. We strongly believe we create a product that gives a gallery finish.
Optional white LED Lighting – Battery or Mains Power 
Super bright white 6000 kelvin high quality LED strip light, Ledridge branded and rated for 30,000 hours operation. Powered by six AA batteries for a wire free display, can be standard cell batteries or rechargeable NiMh or NiZn cells. The rear of the frame has an easy to reach on/off switch to ensure maximum battery life. Six quality branded batteries will last for approximately 5 eight hour days.
For an ‘always on’ lighting setup you can also be power the lights from a mains power supply by using the alternate fitting on the back of the frame, requires a 12V 1amp power lead. With battery or mains power the lights are controllable by way of a supplied remote control, options include variable brightness and a range of pulse and flash features.
Plain glass or ART glass 
We offer two glazing types, both 2mm glass. We do not use plastic glazing as this would attract lots of dust! The differences can be explained as:
Plain Glass – standard picture framing glass. Protects the contents of the frame from dust but does show reflection on the surface.
Art Glass – a truly stunning product that once seen and used will convince anybody of it’s qualities. Provides fantastic clarity through the glass and has almost no reflection. Very hard to show on a computer screen but every customer we have supplied it to just falls in love with the quality. More detail and clarity, see your amazing Lego™ Minifigures shown off to their very best
Frame Depth 
Standard Depth Frame – suitable for Minifigures of standard dimensions, figures ideally sit along the back row of the base plate and any accessories, weapons or tiles have room in front. If you would like to display oversize Minifigures or double stack then you should look at our Extra Deep profile frame.
Accent Bricks 
What are they and why do we use them? Set into all our mount displays are Lego™ coloured bricks, these are part of our design and are there to enhance the look of the frame. We use different colour options to compliment the style of Minifigures used within the frame. Displaying your own Minifigures makes for an amazing feature and this design enhances that. We tried it without them and it just doesn’t look as good.
Wall Hanging 
Every Build Your Own Redsquarebrick frame comes fitted with a clever hanging system. The pre-fitted ‘Fletcher Picture perfect’ hanger is used to secure the frame to any wall substrate, it will hold the frame secure and most importantly flat to the wall without the frame twisting – nothing worse than having a frame twist or pitch away from the wall. Quality of finish is just so important to us.
Build and Delivery Times 
Every frame is built to order in house by trained picture framers to your specification. Please allow unto 10 working days for your frame to be completed and shipped. All deliveries are made by tracked courier and packaged extremely well to prevent damage. Collections can be arranged from our Workshop in Stratford upon Avon.
Please note – Build Your Own frames are supplied without minifigures.

Additional information

Glass Type

ART Glass, Plain Glass

LED Lights

With LED Lights, Without LED Lights


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