If you’ve seen our Lego frames at a recent event you will have seen and be aware of our frames that feature Art Glass, well what is and why do we use it?

Art Glass has come on to the market over the last few years, it’s one of the biggest advances in picture framing and one that add’s a tremendous level of quality to any framed work. On our premium large collection frames we use this Art Glass as it benefits our frames in a number of ways. These can be best summed up as:

Very low reflectance – Art Glass uses a number of specially applied filters and coatings applied to the glass. This serves to minimise reflection in a way that when the picture frame is viewed within a room it looks like their is no glass in the frame. It is quite a bold statement but one that holds up. In many cases a customer will touch the glass thinking that it isn’t there. It is expensive for us to use but when Lego take such great care to make fantastic mini figures we believe it’s well worth it.

Increased colour saturation – any colour framed behind Art Glass appeared brighter and bolder. This is again as a result of the coatings applied to the glazing.

Greater depth of colour – without the reflection created by plain glass as used in most framed work, the extra depth and dimension of a Lego mini figure is again shown to its best.

The following photos are taken in a controlled room environment and is the same for each photograph taken of this wonderful Lego SpongeBob set.
Click on each image to enlarge and see the detail..
Lego SpongeBob Plain Glass

Lego SpongeBob 9 figure frame with plain glass – reflection is visible and clearly a distraction to the contents of the frame. That’s our photographer you can see in the reflection!


Lego SpongeBob No Glass

The same frame but without glass – it goes without saying that there is no reflection as no glass is used. We need to use glass as this keeps dust away from the figures. Using no glass is a no-no in any framing.


Lego SpongeBob - Art Glass


This frame has Art Glass fitted. There is minimum reflection and is very close to being like the frame without glass. To reinforce the benefits, reduced reflection and increased detail and boldness. A truly wonderful product so well suited to the framing of Lego mini figures. Look for products within our shop that show that Art Glass has been fitted.