Make your Minifigure display stand out with our internal LED lighting, dual powered by 6 AA batteries for a wire free connection or by 12V mains power for 24/7 constant lighting. Minifigures pop when lit, creating a stunning display.
Our LED specifications:
• Bright white 6000 kelvin high grade LED strip lighting – ‘Ledridge’ branded pure white light, the LED strips are set behind the front face of the mount board, with no visible sign of the fixed strip our LED’s send the light direction backwards and therefore you won’t see any ‘hotspots’ just a clean panel of lighting. In 6 years of fitting LED lights we have never had a chip fail – they are rated for 30,000 hours use.
• Dual power battery and mains
AA Battery Power – Use the built in battery pack that takes 6 AA batteries, these can be normal Alkaline or rechargeable cells. Fitted on the rear of the frame is an on/off switch, when not using the lights, turn this switch off to conserve battery power. There is no need to remove the frame from the wall, when using the clever ‘Fletcher’ hanging system supplied with all our LED lit frames you simply lift the bottom of the frame away from the wall and reach behind to operate the switch. The hanging system prevents the frame from moving on the wall.
A 16 Minifigure frame fitted with high quality branded batteries will run for approx 5 days when using for 8 hours per day.
12V Mains Power – For constant 24/7 lighting opt to use the rear fitted mains connector. There is a removeable cover on the rear of the frame, remove this cover and insert a 2.1mm jack mains adaptor. We can supply a mains adaptor if required but find that most people have these or can source cheaply online.
Remote control – every LED lit frame is supplied with a RF remote control, this can be used to set the brightness of the lights and also has lighting features for soft pulse, flash and fade lighting. We do not fit multi coloured LED strips – we want to create a backlit environment to show off the Minifigures not create a disco effect!! We can however fit different single colour LED’s – as standard 95% of the lights used are bright white but we have also used blue, red and green, we suggest you contact us for advise of using coloured lighting.
Detail of rear of frame, changing over from battery to mains supply
• Connected ‘in-line’ for battery power – cover opened to illustrate, remains closed when using batteries
• 12V Mains adaptor fitted – insert the ‘male’ connector from the power supply to the ‘female’ 5-24V white remote sensor.                
• 12V mains adaptor fitted – cover in place
The rating for the power supply should be as follows:
Frame size – 8 Minifigures to 36 Minifigures, standard depth or extra deep – 1amp supply
Frame Size – 5 row single or double tier frames – 5amp supply