Dated 24.3.2020
  As a small business we are a self employed team and cannot consider ourselves as an ‘essential business’, no matter how important Lego™ is in our lives. From today the 24th of March we are closed as a business for face to face customers, we will remain open as an online business, we have a wide range of stock pre-built and are still fully stocked with supplies and can make any new orders as required.
Our couriers DHL are still delivering and as an online business we are self isolating by not being in contact with anyone outside of our family.  
We appreciate every order we have received in the past, they will help us see through this terrible time and be on the other side once it clears off. We of course welcome any new orders and enquiries as these will help pay the bills. If you require anything then please get in touch via email or by phone – we will always be available.  
Please everyone stay safe, stay strong and look ahead as best you can. Take care  
For anyone who is on the front line and helping us all through this, thank you!  
David, Redsquarebrick