Lego™ London 2012 Olympics complete set of 9 Minifigures


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Lego™ London 2012 Olympic Set This great set highlights the prices that collectable Lego™ sets command once retired from service. Only available back in 2012 in the UK this set sold out quickly and has been gaining in value ever since. Looking back these figures would have been around £3.00 each in their blind bags and there are just 9 in the set, but now these can change hands for nearly £200 and aren’t in any ready supply. What an investment.. We have gathered just a few sets and certainly regret not having collected them sooner. We can offer just two of these sets as of 27.9.16. For those of you lucky enough to have these minifigures already we are now able to offer our ‘Build Your Own’ frames with these custom Olympics themed brick colours: Lego Olympics – Build Your Own
Fitted with remote control white LED lights. Powered by six AA batteries with a convenient battery box on the rear of the frame. Shown as standard with our black but also available in a white frame on request.
The custom built frame measures 450mm wide, 250mm tall and is 40mm deep. The mount board is computer cut in bright white with a bevelled black core and black background to the figures. The mini figures are set in our 3D box frame with complimenting Lego square bricks in to the mount design, using the colour and arrangement of the Olympic rings. All frames are custom built in-house using high quality acid free mount boards and wooden frames with a black light wood grain finish.


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