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Build Your Own Frame – 5 Tier Double Depth Star Wars colours


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‘Build Your Own’ frame – Use your own Minifigures to create a bespoke piece of Lego™ artwork.

5 Tiers of double depth to accommodate up to 175 Star Wars Minifigures. This design allows a large collection in one frame without the need of a large wall space. Creating a frame that adapts to so many various profile sizes and depths is basically impossible to find in an ‘off the shelf’ product. Our bespoke design allows any standard height Lego™ Minifigure to be housed, we haven’t as yet found any Minifigure and it’s accessories that doesn’t fit. This is a very large frame and with so many variations within Lego™ Star Wars we would always ask that you call us to discuss and check any Minifigure that you might feel is a concern. If it helps the Rancor will not fit.
Our main picture will also show that this ‘extra deep’ profile design allows oversize figures to be housed, the likes of Jabba and the Wampa monster fit easily. We have also used the new 20th anniversary Minifigures on their display stands to show just how much variation of design can be accommodated.

Frame Specification

Frame Size – BIG!! Designed to accommodate a maximum 175 Minifigures over two levels in each row. The row size will take up to 35 Minifigures per row when using an extra set of bricks set along the back row. Frame supplied with sufficient bricks to add the second elevated row.

Frame Depth – Extra Deep profile allows for two rows of Minifigures per tier.

Frame external dimensions – 770x625mmx70mm

Colour Scheme – Dark grey background with accent brick colours that suit Star Wars Minifigures

LED Lights – Optional LED lights with a strip of lights set above each row – five rows of lights in this configuration. This frame has to be mains powered due to the number of LED’s within the frame. A 12v mains adaptor is included with the package. The cable out the back of the frame is 2m in length.

Glass – Plain or ART glass, for orders where collection is not suitable we can ship this size frame without glass

An ideal frame to display a maximum of 175 Minifigures.

Build Your Own frames are designed to be easy to populate with your own Minifigures, taking just a minute to open up the frame and be ready to place your Minifigures safely inside. A double row of Lego™ baseplates are set within the mounting area (4 studs deep), these allow perfect placement and alignment of Minifigures and prevent the need to use any adhesives. There are four options available, please use the drop down menu to select glass type and LED lighting if required.

IMPORTANT DELIVERY NOTICE – Due to the size of this frame we cannot offer a shipping method with glass included, the risk of damage is too great and couriers will not insure for glass breakage. Collection is available 7 days a week from our Stratford upon Avon workshop and we will be as flexible as possible with the time of day. We will also offer to ship the frame without any glazing and that will allow you to source the glass locally from a picture framer or glazier, call us to discuss and we can offer advise on what costs should be and qualities of glass to ask for.  If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 07790 778519 and ask for David.

A simple guide to our frame options

Hand built bespoke design

All our frames are completely hand built by experienced picture framers with years of experience making picture frames for Lego™ Minifigures. Our design is unique and has been created to show minifigures at their very best. We are very confident that nothing compares to our quality, we offer the option of excellent low reflectance ART glass and use LED’s from one of the UK’s leading high quality suppliers. We strongly believe we create a product that gives a gallery finish.

Optional white LED Lighting

Dual power battery 9V and 12V mains powered bright white 6000 kelvin high quality LED strip light, Ledridge branded and rated for 30,000 hours operation.Includes variable brightness and a range of pulse and flash features via remote control. Mains adaptor supplied and rated appropriately. Battery power uses 6 AA batteries, fitted in the rear in a battery holder.

Plain glass or ART glass

We offer two glass types, the differences are explained as:

Plain Glass – standard picture framing glass. Protects the contents of the frame from dust but does show reflection on the surface.

Art Glass – a truly stunning product that once seen and used will convince anybody of it’s qualities. Provides fantastic clear colour through the glass and has almost no reflection. Very hard to show on a computer screen but every customer we have supplied it to just falls in love with the quality. If your framing this many Minifigures we would strongly recommend using ART Glass as the effect is stunning.

No Glass – if you would like this product shipped then we offer this frame without glass. Call us to discuss and we can advise on where and what to pay for the glass.

Frame depth

Extra Deep Frame – Allows for two rows of Star Wars Minifigures per row, the picture shows a mixture of both standard height and oversize Minifigures. By adding in extra 2×6 dark grey bricks along the back row you can off-set Minifigures and thereby achieve the 35 Minifigures per row. These extra bricks are included within the price.

Build and delivery times

Every frame is built to order in house by trained picture framers to your specification. Please allow unto 10 working days for your frame to be completed and shipped. Collections can be arranged from our Workshop in Stratford upon Avon.

Please note – Build Your Own frames are supplied without minifigures.

Additional information

LED Lights

With LED Lights, Without LED Lights

Glass Type

ART Glass, No Glass – suitable for shipping, Plain Glass