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18 Minifigure Custom Build Frame – for use with your own Minifigures

Redsquarebrick 'Build Your Own' frames are designed for quick and easy installation of your own collection of Lego™ Minifigures.  Pre-fitted Lego™ baseboards make for easy installation without any adhesives and allow the user to swap out Minifigures or change their display at anytime, quickly and easily.

NEW for April 2018 - Series 18 Minifigures - use our Extra Deep profile frame and all Series 18 Minifigures will fit perfectly with no compromise on alignment or positioning.

Some simple design tips to help with your selections:

Frame Depth

  • Standard depth suits almost all standard Minifigures, the pre-fitted Lego™ baseboard is sized as 80x2 studs. External frame depth is 40mm.
  • Extra deep suits all standard Minifigures and is especially useful for over size Minifigures like the large Hulk, Wampa monster etc. The pre-fitted Lego™ baseboard is sized as 80x4 studs. External frame depth is 70mm. This extra deep frame is perfect for the new Series 18 Minifigures - no compromise on alignment with any Minifigure with costumes fitting perfectly.

Frame Colour - you will see that we photograph all sets in black frames as it's simply the most popular colour. White frames are offered as an alternative for those that want something a little less impacting from the frame. Our wooden frames are made from a hardwood Ayous and have a very light grain pattern.

Glass Type - choose between plain glass or go for the maximum effect with using ART glass for a reflection free finish that boosts colour through the glazing and provides stunning clarity.

Background Colour

  • Dark blue is used on all our pre-fitted Disney framed sets as this works best
  • Black works really well with any collectable series Minifigures - all other collectable sizes are 16 Minifigures so this is really for Disney sets
  • Dark grey always works perfectly for Star Wars with light grey as an alternative - we use dark grey in all our fitted out frames
  • Dark blue compliments well with Harry Potter, Super Heroes, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean or as an alternative for collectable sets.

Accent Brick Colours - by choosing colours that compliment your Minifigures this simple yet effective design style adds to the bespoke nature of our frame design.

LED Lights - choose from three fixed LED light colours. White is our most popular by far but red works really well with 71010 Halloween collectables and blue can be a great alternative for Star Wars. Powered by six AA batteries (not included) and with remote control for variable brightness and lighting control.

Frame Capacity - up to a maximum 18 Minifigures can be housed. Specifically designed for Disney 71012 collectables and Series 18's Party Set

Wall Hanging - all frames are supplied with a 'Fletcher' hanging system that helps support the frame level and secure on your wall, the system even comes with a spirit level to aid level alignment  - it's all about the detail.

Use the design tool below to configure your design

18 Minifigure Custom Build Frame – for use with your own Minifigures


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