Lego™ Ideas – The Beatles Yellow Submarine
John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, plus a Jeremy figure. Frame Specification Frame Size –  Minifigures, The Beatles Yellow Submarine 21306 Frame external dimensions – 390x240mmx40mm LED Lights – fitted as standard with white LED lights Glass … Continued
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Lego™ Doctor Who – Regeneration with LED lights
Taken from the fabulous Lego™ Ideas Doctor Who This set includes from left to right: Dalek, Clara Oswald, Peter Capaldi the 12th Doctor, Weeping Angel, Mat Smith 11th Doctor & Dalek Fitted with remote control white LED lights. Powered by six … Continued
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Lego US Sitcom Friends
New for September 2019 is The LEGO™ Ideas Friends set. Released as part of the 25th anniversary – wow, we are getting that old… Frame Specification Frame Size – 7 Minifigures Frame external dimensions – 465x240mmx40mm LED Lights – white LED … Continued
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Lego™ Ideas – The Big Bang Theory
September 2019 – Sorry out of stock of these, they can be sourced but have become very expensive. Do feel free to call us if you would like us to source a set. Failing that, consider a Build Your Own … Continued
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