Star Wars Baddies 16 – LED Lights




LED lights version – NEW product.
  A full set of 16 Star Wars Lego Imperial baddies, made up of some of the most iconic characters of the first three Star Wars films (the real ones). Figures from left to right are: Stormtrooper, Snow Trooper, AT-AT Driver, Imperial Gunner, Imperial Commander, Imperial Guards x 2, Darth Vader Emperor Palpatine, Imperial Guards x 2, Boba Fett, Tie Fighter Pilot, Imperial Soldier, Snow Trooper & Storm Trooper   The custom built frame measures 700mm wide and is 250mm high. The mount board is computer cut in bright white with a bevelled black core and the background is mid grey colour that ensures all the characters contrast well with the background. The mini figures are set in our 3D box frame with complimenting Lego square bricks in imperial colours set in to the mount design. All frames are custom built in-house using high quality acid free mount boards and wooden frames with a black light wood grain finish. Also available with internal LED lighting which is battery powered and has a small on/off push button set in to the top of the frame.  


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